The #1 Trait of Tomorrows Most Successful Organizations is...


The Targeted Balance Skills of Adaptability are...

- Flexibility
- Problem Solving
- Stress Management and
- Optimism.

In Essence, Your Emotional Intelligence.

- YPO National Survey 2020
Invest in Your Culture by Investing in Your People.

Improve Optimism, Collaboration, Agility, and Inclusion Habits in
Your Organization.


"80% of top performers in all jobs have High EQ."

...And that High EQ is increasingly more and more
important to your overall success in life.

You Can Grow Your EQ!

Thrive in stressful environments.

Become a more inspiring leader.

Learn to show more empathy to others and yourself.

All of this power and more is rooted in your Emotional Intelligence.
A 6-part video series and online curriculum designed for
teams & individuals.  

Learn techniques and skills to leverage your strengths and improve your blind spots. 

Learn to achieve Balance in your life through balancing your EQ.
Become a top performer by understanding yourself better.
Be more successful in all aspects of your life.
Create a common language based in EQ for your enterprise.
Happy employees are
more productive
Unhappy employee are
less productive
Employee satisfaction and happiness rose
at Google by investing in employee development

Step 1

EQ Assessment

Establish your eq foundation identifying your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

De-Brief From an EQ Certified Coach

Receive a report and de-brief detailed into 15 subscales highlighting your strengths and identifying  your blind spots

Step 2

Begin the 16-week EQ Workout Journey

Comprised of a 6 part video series and curriculum that is correlated based on reflection and application and delivering 15 life altering tools.

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