Introducing EQ Workouts

A 6 part video series with accompanying curriculum and coaching designed for teams & individuals.  Learn techniques and skills to leverage your strengths and improve your blind spots as identified in your assessment.  You are only a few key behavioral changes away from starting  to Thrive not just Survive!

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Decision Making

Learn problem solving techniques, the critical role of reality testing and how to manage impulsiveness.

Self Expression

Learn to balance your independence, find healthy assertiveness and effectively express one’s feelings verbally or non-verbally.

Stress Management

Learn techniques to help manage and overcome Stress.  Avoid pitfalls.  Become and stay more optimistic and flexible.

Self Perception

New techniques to stay present and in control of your emotions.  Self-image and self-regard reflection strategies.  Learn why treating yourself better is the most important goal of all.

Interpersonal Relationships

Tactics and intentional practices to help you create deeper more meaningful connections with others.

You are only a few key behavioral changes away from starting to find and live your "Best Self".

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